[squeakland] Fwd: etoys bug?

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Tue Jul 9 17:33:15 EDT 2013

Dean Kelley wrote:

>> The visibility of a scriptor seems to affect how things work. )
>> http://krypton.mnsu.edu/~kelled/public/etoys/prob_info.html

Without getting into the Smalltalk code, I seem to have narrowed down
the bug a little more.

It seems that the effect appears as you intended whenever the
rectangle is overlapped by the basepf doflash script editor, or the
basepf viewer. (There is no need to hide the script editor to cause
the bug to be exhibited: merely move it so it no longer overlaps the

As a workaround it seems you can move basepf to the right, up or down
by 1 pixel, or more, though not to the left. Then the effect works,
even when the script is hidden.

I hope those are a few clues that help someone else figure out what is
going on deeper inside Etoys. (I used Etoys 5.0 build 2406 on Mac OS

Have fun! David

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