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Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Sun Jan 13 23:33:25 EST 2013

I really love that you can use Etoys to explain all your questions and mock
up the user interface  you are looking for quickly and easily.

I modified your project and you can find what I think you want here:

In the modified project I embedded the text in a rectangle, then locked the
text (to avoid, the user changing the answer or getting frustrated by
clicking to drag and winding up with a cursor shown inside the text
instead).  Would be best to use "Text Rectangle" inside "Connectors" in the
"Object Catalog".  I would still lock the text when done.  If you are
creating sample projects for volunteers to modify, you could then script
the "Text Rectangle". Then the volunteer could simply change the text and
rearrange the Q and A boxes so the answers aren't always in the same

There are other ways to script this as well, that could make life easier
for volunteers, I am assuming you want them to focus on content creation
and not learning all of Etoys.

On another note, I often see kids hunt and peck until they find the answer
(or in this case drag until green).  I wonder if it cold be designed
differently to discourage that (at least a little) via a "Check Answers"
button and/or a set of stars where you gain and lose stars for right and
wrong answers?

Hope this helps,

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