[squeakland] Test for several conditions met

Mike Lee curiouslee at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 19:28:06 EST 2013

This is a question for Steve Thomas, or anyone else who can answer.

I am working on the scripting necessary to make the existing Lubuto
Literacy lessons interactive. By studying the built-in Etoys help guide, I
have been able to change an attribute of a target object by dragging
another over it with "obscures dot" programmed. So when I drag a text
object over the correct question blank square, the blank area turns green.
Then I made a star turn green when the text object was dragged on the
correct blank (without changing the blank). What I would like to do is test
for when all answers are correctly dragged onto their respective question

Here is a .PR file with a book showing the pages from a Lubuto lesson and
extra pages for my two experiments:

http://db.tt/NTHCUcqV (254kb)

Of course, I will document all of this publicly as part of the workshop
materials I have to develop for my trip to Lusaka. There was virtually no
information on making quizzes in Etoys when I searched Google. Thanks in
advance for your help!

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