[squeakland] Etoys programming question, clear pen trails from a textfield.

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Sun Jan 13 17:37:18 EST 2013

It turns out that we had this correctly described in the draft Etoys
Reference Manual


but I added a few words of further clarification.

On Thu, January 10, 2013 11:15 am, David Corking wrote:
> R.D. Latimer wrote:
>> I hope this is the correct list for etoys questions...
> Yes. Welcome back!
> You later wrote:
>> No need for help on pen trails anymore.  I found the 'clear pen
>> trails' in the 'pen trails' section does the trick.
> That is great news. (How did you find it?) In the meantime I wrote up
> a fuller answer which I post below in case it helps someone else with
> a similar question.
> I can't reproduce your problem with a 'Text' from the supplies flap.
> (Both buttons work to clear the pen trails.)
> However I tried with a 'Playfield' and that has slightly surprising
> behaviour.
> Unlike most other objects, a playfield has two similar sounding tiles
> in its viewer: 'Playfield clear all pen trails' and 'Playfield clear
> pen trails'. They sound similar but don't do the same job. (Note the
> word 'all'.)
> The first tile, 'Playfield clear all pen trails', clears trails drawn
> in the world, but leaves trails drawn inside the playfield intact.
> (The balloon help and the reference manual say 'Clear all trails in my
> containing playfield'. The world is another playfield.)
> The second tile, 'Playfield clear pen trails', clears only those
> trails drawn inside the playfield, and leaves all other trails intact.
> (The balloon help here is 'Clear all the pen trails in the interior'.)
> (For comparison, 'Car clear all pen trails' will clear all the trails
> in the playfield the car is currently in.)
> I tried this with Etoys 5.0 - so please mention if you notice
> different behaviour on other recent versions of Etoys.
> Have fun! David
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