[squeakland] Appinventor and Squeak Smalltalk?

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Sat Jan 12 07:43:59 EST 2013

R.D. Latimer wrote:
>> I'm working with Etoys, k-6, and wondering if there may be a
>> connection, even educationally, with Etoys/Smalltalk and the app
>> programming world, for example Appinventor?

There are a couple of sentences in Wikipedia that highlight some
relationships. We can see that they are all of a family:

"Open Blocks visual programming is closely related to the StarLogo
TNG, a project of the Klopfer's STEP, and Scratch, a project of theMIT
Media Laboratory's Lifelong Kindergarten Group. These projects are
themselves informed by constructionist learning theories,"

You might also have noticed that AppInventor is now hosted by the MIT
Media Lab, also home of Seymour Papert (on the Etoys Vision Team) and
of John Maloney - principal author of Morphic, Etoys and Scratch. So
you never know what innovation might occur as a result of a walk down
the hall.

Finally, StarLogo inspired the Kedama objects in Etoys.

Have fun! David

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