[squeakland] Appinventor and Squeak Smalltalk?

Valerie Scarlata valscarlata at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 12:17:34 EST 2013

I'm working with Etoys, k-6, and wondering if there may be a
> connection, even educationally, with Etoys/Smalltalk and the app
> programming world, for example Appinventor?

Android App inventor and Etoys are very similiar in their user interface
and manipulation of "objects" in terms of allowing a child to build

You can connect them in an educational sense (or use them side by side in a
classroom)  App inventor is for making something that will work on an
android tablet or phone.  Etoys is form making something for your desktop
computer.  You could "compare" them by trying to make an application in
etoys, and making the same application in app inventor.  What is different?
Why? (hint, the desktop computer does not have an accelerometer - what is
an accelerometer? Excellent classroom discussion ensues....) The concepts
are the same, but the implementation and objects at your disposal to create
with are different.  The tools compliment each other, and I would also
suggest the Alice tool from carnegie mellon as well.  I use all 3 of these
tools to teach object oriented programming to elementary, and even middle /
high school if they have not been exposed to programming. concepts
earlier.  Unfortunately I do not think you will ever have a tool like app
inventor for Apple IOS apps due to their stringent control over publishing
apps on their platform.

Val Scarlata
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