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Rita ritafreudenberg at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 6 19:37:18 EST 2012

Starting Monday, Dec 3, six members of the education team are sitting in an  
office at Google in Sunnyvale, writing a book for teachers who want to  
teach Etoys in their classroom. We, that are Kathleen Harness, Avigail  
Snir, Kathleen Smith, Steve Thomas, Randy Caton and myself, Rita.
We are here with two other teams, and the first day was filled with many  
activities getting to know each other and talking about general questions  
regarding writing documentation in a community for open source projects.
On Tuesday afternoon, we started writing our book, starting around 9:00 am  
and working until 8:30 pm. These are long days, but we are perfectly  
provided with everything we need during the whole day (and even night,  
since they also pay the hotel). So we can completely concentrate on writing  
and discussing. This is the most wonderful time we have as a group since  
the last time we met face to face at Squeakfest in Wilmington 2010.
On Friday, we will have a new Etoys book!

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