[squeakland] File error on open and sound reverb problem again

Mike Lee curiouslee at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 23:51:08 EDT 2011


The Lubuto Library Project to develop 700 Etoys lessons in Zambia is
finally nearing completion after a year of work by teachers and
students in Lusaka. There are 100 lessons in 7 Zambian languages plus
700 sound files that have to be associated with a button in the files.

Now we have have enlisted a group of Washington, D.C.-area volunteers
from the Special Libraries Association to help with a final finishing
pass at the files.

Though all the files were authored on OLPC XO laptops in Sugar using
Etoys 3.x, we wish to do the final production on Etoys 4.1 on Mac and
PC depending on what the volunteer has. The finished files need to
open and function properly on Etoys 3.x and 4.x on all platforms.

I have some initial questions regarding some problems working with the
files across different versions of  Etoys.

1) When I double-click to open the files from Zambia on Etoys 4.1 Mac,
I get an error message that prevents the file from loading and makes
it impossible to close Etoys without a force quit. I have seen this
error before when I open older project files on new builds of Etoys on
the XO. On Eotys 4.1 Mac, I can open the file from with Etoys. Here is
a screen shot:


And here is a sample file on Dropbox:


2) The sound reverb problem persists. Opening up the Etoys 4.1 Score
Player in the files authored in Etoys 3.x and clicking the Disable
Reverb button doesn't work.

Thanks in advance to whomever can provide some guidance.


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