[squeakland] Simple Coin toss program

R.D. Latimer rdlatimer at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 13:02:09 EDT 2011

Hi- trying to simulate a coin toss.  I'm putting two objects in a holder - a
circle and a star.
I created two variables in the Holder, circleCounter and starCounter (one
for heads, one for tails)

I assign the cursor of the Holder a random 1 or 2.

I don't know how to check the position of the cursor.  The simplest way
would just be:
 Test if cursor value == 1...

 but I don't see that as a menu option.

So I'm trying:
Test if graphic at cursor == Circle ...  How do I do this - check the value
of the graphic or item at the cursor in a holder?

The default value for "Test Holder's graphic at cursor..." is neither the
circle or the star, how do I insert either of those two
images into the Test?

Or can I just test the value of the cursor somehow? (Is it a 1 or a 2)

By the way, I've done this in Scratch, it seems easier to put together
initially, but the speed is an issue.
For alot of 'spins' - like 1000 or more, it may take in terms of minutes to
finish.  I think Etoys will be faster.

Also - can I output the results to a data file?  It'd be nice to graph the

In Scratch, I put the results into data lists, these can be exported to .txt
files with a right click on the list.

Thanks for your help,
Randy Latimer
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