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A good idea; I am happy to contribute to this purpose.

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>Subject: [squeakland] Fundraiser for Replacing Textbooks project  
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>I have set up a fundraiser, http://www.crowdrise.com/Replacetextbooks/
>to raise $10,000 for a server and other expenses at Sugar Labs to
>create collaborative, interactive, digital textbook replacements for
>up to a billion children at a time using Sugar and in particular Etoys.
>That's a million pennies, or a thousandth of a cent per child.
>There are of course significant other expenses in the overall program,
>mostly for buying computers to run Sugar and let students work with
>our digital materials and others. I estimate the total cost at $25
>billion annually, to be provided by governments and aid agencies,
>mostly. When we succeed in getting rid of poverty and its associated
>ills, and bring the rest of the world up to the standard of the
>developed countries, that will add about $200 trillion to global GDP.
>Among the ills associated with poverty, especially the dire poverty of
>those living on $1 a day, or 50 cents a day, or less, are disease,
>death, helplessness, hopelessness, government corruption, oppression,
>and so on.
>What's it worth to you to put a dent in these problems, and get the
>children ready to finish the project and then tackle the next round of
>_hard_ problems? Can you pay forward, for those less fortunate, $10?
>$25? $50? More?
>Please don't spam this message, but do pass it on where appropriate.
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