[squeakland] Tools to Export Images from Etoys (eventually directly to a Blog Post)

kharness at illinois.edu kharness at illinois.edu
Mon Apr 4 08:49:22 EDT 2011

This is a great tool! Thanks very much.
The shared flap version works well and I have images of a six page book with one click . . . very useful.
My computer is a Toshiba running Windows 7 Home Version. In one of my tries I got an abandon message which I attached.

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>Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 17:32:27 -0400
>From: Steve Thomas <sthomas1 at gosargon.com>  
>Subject: [squeakland] Tools to Export Images from Etoys (eventually directly to a Blog Post)  
>To: squeakland Squeakland <squeakland at squeakland.org>
>   So, with some squeak help from Bert, I created a
>   tool (in QuickGuide version and Flap version) you
>   can use to export image(s) from your project.  Here
>   is the Blog Post and the video.
>   For a really cool way to view the blog (and I hope
>   eventually to view Etoys Projects) check out this
>   view.  Click on the Date, Label, and Author boxes
>   at the top and I think you will get the idea.  So
>   my idea is that when kids "post" their Etoys
>   projects they can post a blog entry (we have a
>   "Squeakland" Blog) and it not only posts the project
>   (.pr file) to the squeakland Web Server, but also
>   gives them a draft Blog post they can edit which has
>   image(s) from the Blog and selected Text they can
>   enter in Etoys. First step is to be able to post to
>   Blogger from Etoys (then facebook, ....).
>   So the CHALLENGES TO THE COMMUNITY - help me make
>   this happen, here is what I think we need:
>   1. squeak code to support using the Google Data API
>       for Blogger and Picasa
>   2. Help incorporating that squeak code into Etoys
>       Projects so we can publish directly to Blogger
>       and Picasa
>   3. Brain storming on how to design this properly
>   Some things I believe we should support:
>   1. Ability to post to my Blog or my Blog and the
>       Squeakland site
>   2. We need a way to aggregate all the Blog posts
>        1. one idea is to modify launcher to include
>            some google analytics so we can find and
>            incorporate people's public posts in one
>            spot and select certain public posts to
>            "feature".
>        2. we may also want to put the embedded Etoy in
>            an iframe (this would also make
>            incorporating into OERGlue and similar
>            tools to come (a good idea breads copiers).
>   3. We need a way classes and Schools can have their
>       own "private spaces" and also share select
>       projects publicly.
>   Note: The name on Books may not work, I found a bug,
>   then fixed it, but the fix version is not yet
>   showing up on the squeakland site. It will still
>   save all the pages of the book, but it will use the
>   name "Book" all the time (or whatever is the
>   ExternalName for your Book object).
>   Stephen
>   On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 5:29 AM, Bert Freudenberg
>   <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
>     On 01.04.2011, at 08:52, Steve Thomas wrote:
>     > How can I (easily, a script would be fine ;)
>     export an image of each page in a book in Etoys?
>     (ideally with the image names being the
>     projectName<Number of page>)
>     Put this in a textual script for the book:
>     self costume pages withIndexDo: [:page :i |
>     PNGReadWriter putForm: page imageForm onFileNamed:
>     Project current name , i asString , '.png']
>     Some requests are easy to satisfy ;)
>     > I want to try using this to create flikr stream
>     of lessons and to post in blog posts.
>     Even this could be automated. But it's not going
>     to be a one-liner.
>     - Bert -
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