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Carlos Rabassa carnen at mac.com
Thu Jan 7 08:49:47 EST 2010


Your answer worked!


We used your answer to start this page:


It is part of a Bilingual Study Guide we started a few weeks ago.

We have used your answer as a first example to encourage others to ask  

We hope children will learn asking questions is a fantastic tool to  
acquire specific knowledge you need now to complete a task your are  
working on.

We hope my learning from someone like you, a generation younger than  
me,  will remind many parents and grandparents to take advantage of  
what we can learn from our children and grandchildren.

We hope to tell adults there is no shame in not knowing everything.

The shame is recognizing there is something you want to know and you  
don´t know and doing nothing to acquire that knowledge.

The fact you are so far away from us,  maybe some 20 hours if I had  
plenty of time and money to visit you personally,  hopefully will tell  
children and teachers we can get help today from a tremendous network  
of people around the world.

Yes, first ask local friends, relatives and teachers but,  that´s not  
the limit.

With the little computers connected to internet,  the whole world is  
the limit!

Thanks again!

Carlos Rabassa
Montevideo, Uruguay

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