[squeakland] Have an Economics/History Project they'd like to share?

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Mon Oct 12 16:04:22 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone,

I volunteered to do the 3-unit Social Science curriculum. I'm trying to satisfy a wider breadth of topics for this section. So far, I have three things for the Geography part (one, would be the classroom mapping from
Kathleen's student...which I will need permission for to post, Chris Gordon's Pangea , and the other one would be a slight alteration of
Pangea, which I am altering to provide current population information based on the newly released PRB datasheet: www.prb.org).

I am looking for a project to satisfy NSS's Economics section. Do you have a project along the lines of demonstrating how trade works for kids? Maybe a fun game on earning money and buying goods? I can probably
whip up a simple game for this but just want to know if anyone has done this already.

Anyone done a project on History?

The NSS standards is on this site: http://www.education-world.com/standards/national/soc_sci/index.shtml

I can just go with different versions of Geography and work with different data, but just want to post the question out there.

Thank you!


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