[squeakland] Saving my own objects to either the supplies/object box?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sat Oct 10 13:14:36 EDT 2009

  Another way would be to save a playfield with "parts bin" flag on
into a .morph file.  To do so:

  - Go to the World's white menu handle and choose 'preferences'.
  - (The layout of it is messed up but) for the "type here, hit
    search" part, type "debughalo" and hit enter.
  - It'll show one entry "debugHaloHandle".  Click on the check box.
  - Grab a regular playfield from the treasure box.
  - Put your map objects into that playfield.
  - From the playfields white handle menu, choose "playfield
    options..." and then check 'parts bin' option.
  - Get the halo for the playfield again and from the gray debug
    handle, choose "save morph in file".  provide a name and it'll
    create a .morph file in the etoys directory.
  - Quit the Etoys session.  And copy the .morph file to students
    computers.  The above needs to be done only once by the teacher.
  - Students start Etoys.  Drag the .morph file onto the running Etoys
    window and choose "load as morph".

-- Yoshiki

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> I'd like to re-use hand drawn maps done by one of Chris Gordon's students in my objects/supplies box to reuse for geography
> lessons etc. but haven't figured out how to save them somewhere in Etoys. Anyone know how to do this? Would appreciate the
> help! Thanks!
> ---Cherry
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