[squeakland] Re: Saving my own objects to either the supplies/object box?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sat Oct 10 10:29:00 EDT 2009

On 09.10.2009, at 22:06, CherryW wrote:

> Thanks to Bertf for answering my question on #etoys channel. Here's  
> the exchange:
> Quote:
> maraschino: currently there is no easy way except with programming.  
> But you can make your own supplies flap and put all the objects you  
> like in there. this will be saved with your project.
> bertf: how does one "make your own supplies flap"? and if I do  
> this...I would then have to open the same project and rename it a  
> different name each time to avail of the supplies flap? Newbie Etoys  
> user here. Thank you for your patience.
> maraschino: press cmd-comma, click "flaps..."
> maraschino: tehn read the last item "about flaps"
> bertf and kencausey: Thank you! I appreciate you both for taking the  
> time. I will try bertf's solution.
> maraschino: once you made a flap click "shared by all projects" so  
> it will appear in any project. so you load the project with the  
> filled flap, then click "make new project" and the flap should be  
> there, too
> maraschino: also, once you get this working, please post to the  
> squeakland list so others can learn it too
> Hope this helps for anyone encountering the same problem.

There also is a simpler way (I just didn't remember): In the  
"Connectors" category is a "Button Flap" that you can simply drag out  
to create a flap. If you then drop Sketches into it, they become  
buttons that create copies.

- Bert -

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