[squeakland] Re: Saving my own objects to either the supplies/object box?

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Fri Oct 9 16:06:50 EDT 2009

Thanks to Bertf for answering my question on #etoys channel. Here's the exchange:

> <bertf> maraschino: currently there is no easy way except with programming. But you can make your own supplies flap and put all the objects you like in there. this will be saved with your project.
> <maraschino> bertf: how does one "make your own supplies flap"?  and if I do this...I would then have to open the same project and rename it a different name each time to avail of the supplies flap?  Newbie Etoys user here. Thank you for your patience.
> <bertf> maraschino: press cmd-comma, click "flaps..."
> <bertf> maraschino: tehn read the last item "about flaps" ;)
> <maraschino> bertf and kencausey: Thank you! I appreciate you both for taking the time. I will try bertf's solution.  
> <bertf> maraschino: once you made a flap click "shared by all projects" so it will appear in any project. so you load the project with the filled flap, then click "make new project" and the flap should be there, too
> <bertf> maraschino: also, once you get this working, please post to the squeakland list so others can learn it too

Hope this helps for anyone encountering the same problem.

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