[squeakland] featured showcase changes

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Sun Oct 4 07:51:31 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

I've removed the projects that are here:


from the featured showcase, to free up room for featured stuff.  (Also  
some of those projects don't really seem "feature-worthy" on their  
own, such as Just Painted Car.)

Could the authors of the remaining featured projects please re-upload  
your projects under your own account?

Here's what you do:

1. open up Etoys 4

2. click "Load" and then "login"

3. look under "showcase", "featured", groupName for your projects

4. open the project

5. click "Save/Publish" ... change any project info you like

6. click "My Squeakland" and then save

Once this is done, I'll remove the duplicates.

The reason for this is to give credit where credit is due, not  
"squeakland", and to allow these projects to be ranked just like  
everyone else.

Take care,

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