[squeakland] New show case and new ballot system

Nevit Dilmen nevilo at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 2 07:34:44 EDT 2009


I have some comments and suggestions on new show case and new ballot system based on my limited experience. 

About half of the ballot requests arrived in my yahoo junk mail folder the other half arrived in mailbox. I do not know how yahoo decides to sort the mail but same position may be true for other public mail providers like gmail and hotmail.

It should be nice to create some page on squeakland org and limit the mails to one per day. (You have 12 "tasks to do". Your projects recieved 2 comments today. ) Other isntructions like the projects to be evaluated could be given on site.  This needs at least one private user page to be created. 

Unless there is also a public user page and another page sorting users by their rank there will too few points in all efforts needed for evaluating and ranking users. 

The voting page is poorly documented. What does region ranking mean? Am I ranking Europe itself or how this project suites to Europe? 

It happened twice that I was assigned projects in other languages that I do not know. It would be nice to assign projects to people who know the language of the project. The same principle could be applied to user expertise. Physics projects should be assigned to users with more physics background, math to math, etc.   

Project tags should be editable during review process and perhaps later. Sometimes a tag is missing sometimes it is present but is inappropriate. 
The same applies to target age, subject. 

In case of target age, multiple choice is better than single choice, since some projects are suitable to a wider age range.  

The voting page, requires 10 or more page refreshes to vote for multiple parametres. This is annoying. Single click form can be added to avoid multiple refreshes. Ajax is available to avoid refreshes at all. 

Replies on comments go as new comments. Replies should be seperated from comments. 

Remixes go unnoticed. I.e Yoshiki made a remix of my project and posted. Although he was kind to credit original project. There is no link on my project to Yoshiki's remix and no link on Yoshiki's to my project. On Scratch site these crediting links on remixes are automatically generated. Although I have no idea how they are generated, they are cool. 

Non-ASCII charecters in project names appear broken or sometimes cause problems... I suggest auto renaming A%20Bear%20Named%20Honey.003.pr to username-project_id.pr after upload. 

Nevit Dilmen

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