[squeakland] text conversation in etoys

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Nov 17 13:33:41 EST 2009

  Hi, Bill,

> I'm trying to setup a text based dialogue b/w 2 objects
> I dragged out two Text objects from Supplies, named them first and second
> The best I can do is write a series of scripts for the Text objects, one script for each part of the conversation
> Then I made a clock with a time variable and setting the ticker to one per second
> Then write a controller script, using world
> Test: clock's time > 2
>  Yes: first do script1
> Test: clock's time > 4
>  Yes: second do script1
> Test: clock's time > 6
>  Yes: first do script 2
> Also made a reset script, using world
> Is there a better way?

  Another way is to put each part of conversation in a Holder (as
TextMorphs) and assign the phrase at the cursor to "first" and
"second".  See


(and at the showcase once it appears)

In this way, you don't have to edit the script at all when you want to
modify the conversation.

-- Yoshiki

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