[squeakland] Thanks for uploading emails not received since Oct 15

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Sun Nov 15 07:50:29 EST 2009

On Nov 13, 2009, at 10:00 PM, mrsteve wrote:

> teefal wrote:
> Actually, every time you make a project public, you get an email  
> that says:
> "It may be a little while before your project appears, since we  
> review each project for objectionable content to keep things safe  
> for the children of the world. You will receive an email when your  
> project has been approved for public view on the showcase."
> Perhaps this email is not going through? Steve?
> Looked through my emails and I did receive emails on Oct 11 and Oct  
> 15 with that message (sorry for the confusion, missed that part)
> But, I have not received any "Thank you for uploading" emails since  
> Oct 15th and I have uploaded since then.
> Should I also receive that email when I revise a project?

I checked and you were sent numerous "Thank you for uploading"  
messages since Oct 15th.  Spam filter?

Yes, you should get an email when you update.

> I understand the need to prevent objectionable content, as a  
> comparison I checked how the Scratch team does it, they have to deal  
> with the same problem. There it posted right away and I was able to  
> see it without logging in.
> Found a good article talking about how they deal with objectionable  
> content. http://journal.webscience.org/253/ (4. Children's Moral  
> Evaluations).
> It seems you are dealing with competing goods: Wanting to prevent  
> objectionable content and allowing folks to make there projects  
> public as soon as they post them. Also scaling will become a serious  
> problem once folks catch on to the power of Etoys.

We did look at the way Scratch does it.  Squeakland choose to favor  
safety over immediacy, as we want to make sure that no child or  
teacher or parent sees anything objectionable.  Scratch relies on  
people to report objectionable content.  We don't want bad stuff to  
show even that long.

Since launch, the number of rankers has scaled with the number of  
accounts.   Also, last week's change has really helped with the  
visibility issue.  Most projects become visible very quickly.   I  
posted a project last night and it was visible within an hour.

Take care,

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