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>From playing with etoy s with my kinds I think they'd love it.

One thing I remember we found a little distracting was that each painted ob=
ject determined it's own size from what happened to be non-transparent and =
the image rendering seemed to be based on one of the corners. This meant th=
at if you were trying to draw a bouncing ball you needed to put some extra =
marks to 'fix the frame' in which the ball appeared or you just ended up wi=
th a squirming ball sitting there. It's a good concept for kids to have to =
'get', but once they got it it became a chore to work with. I'm not sure wh=
at could be a natural and/or easy way to address this.


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> Subject: [Squeakland] painting with Etoys
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> Hi all,
> =

> I'm just reading a thread on the sugar labs mailing list about paint  =

> programs on the XO. Caroline Meeks is requesting a tool like Kid Pix  =

> or Tux Paint on the XO, based on her experiences on a Preschool in  =

> Boston.
> =

> That reminds me of a discussion about lowering the threshold into  =

> Etoys by using it as a painting tool. I think, Yoshiki answered a  =

> question about that. I'm not sure on which mailing list this  =

> discussion took place. But nevertheless I think it is a very  =

> interesting thought to have an Etoys version that maybe starts with  =

> the paint tool open? I have seen children drawing happily with Etoys  =

> and even remember Bert doing a nice project for our kids: he just put  =

> a holder on the screen and prepared an animation script. The kids  =

> could draw whatever they wanted and put their drawings in the holder,  =

> thus changing the animation. They did that on my computer, but each of  =

> them had it's own flap, where they stored their drawings. They did  =

> that while I was away and showed it to me when I came back. It was so  =

> lovely! (And I really liked to look in their flaps, seeing all the  =

> objects floating around like the toys in their kid's room:)
> =

> So what do you think about that?
> =

> Greetings,
> Rita
> =

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