[Squeakland] Etoys documentation in Spanish

Jordi Delgado jdelgado at lsi.upc.edu
Tue May 27 12:54:03 PDT 2008


> Excellent.
> I really hope that these kids will really learned a lot!
> For BotsInc I'm aware of a private spanish translation. I'm still  
> trying to negociate to get the
> rights for the book.

Er... Stef, if you mean the translation I am doing, it is a translation
to catalan, not to spanish. Not that the two languages are a lot different,
but they are different languages. You know, like french and spanish,
or portuguese and spanish.
BTW, I am finishing the final index, so in two or three weeks I'll have a 
publishable first draft of the entire book.

If you do *not* mean my translation, it would be nice to collaborate
in a spanish translation, provided it is underway...

> For squeakbyexample, I do not know the status of the translation.

It looks like Offray has already started the translation. As soon as
I finish with the BotsInc book, I'll start to collaborate with them in
the spanish translation of SBE. However, I do not see it finished anytime 
soon (not before the summer) unless we find more collaborators.



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