[squeakland] Etoys scripting broken on Mac OS X Leopard: drag and drop into script holder script?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon May 12 18:49:10 PDT 2008

> Skip the rest of my answers if you do not care about how this  
> confusion came about.

  Well, now I can't skip...

> >  Etoys' UI is completely independent from the platform.
> Ok.
> We did have those nasty problems with Universal Access interfering  
> with other
> modifiers of mouse behaviors however. This was hard to track down and  
> took
> a lot of time, but not related to Etoys of course.
> In that process I tested drag and drop of tiles in Etoys so many times  
> (without
> wanting to actually program anything in Etoys, the children where  
> doing that)
> that I was not thinking about the possibility of different types of  
> tiles with different drop behaviors.
> So when I returned to the problems months later I was careless and did  
> not think
> at all about different behaviors, just tested the drops and seeing  
> that there was
> no drop zone and no embedding, totally ignoring the logic of the  
> interface.
> And then I wrote tis post, thinking it still that same Universal  
> Access problem.

  Not sure what you mean by Universal Access interfere (something like
lockable Shift key?)

  One could argue that a plain expression could be dropped onto a
script editor, and the user could expand it into a meaningful
statement afterwards.  But current system is not flexible enough to
allow this.

-- Yoshiki

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