[Squeakland] Etoys - create duplicate (not sibling) from a script?

Mark Nelson prof.mark.nelson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 06:35:43 PST 2008


>From an Etoys SCRIPT, how can I create a 'duplicate' of a player
(equivalent to clicking on the green halo icon), rather than creating
a 'sibling/clone' of a player (equivalent to SHIFT-clicking on the
green halo icon)?  The 'copy' tile available under the miscellaneous
category seems to create a clone; the textual equivalent of
''Playfield include Ellipse's copy' is 'self include: Ellipse
getNewClone'.   What I need is the textual equivalent that would
create a 'duplicate' rather than a 'clone'.

[Why do I care?  In the course that I'm currently teaching, we've
created a 'robot' with embedded 'sensors'  (the 'robots' and 'sensors'
are created from individual Ellipse morphs; the sensors then get
embedded in the robot). The robot's actions depend on differences
between left and right sensor values. If I now make a 'duplicate' of
the robot using the green halo icon, the new robot works as expected.
However, if I make a 'clone' of the robot (either by SHIFT-clicking
the green halo icon, or by using the 'copy' tile in a script, the new
robot seems to pick up the sensor values from the original robot,
rather than from its own sensors.]

Thanks in advance,
--Mark Nelson

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