[Squeakland] Editing glyphs in paragraphs

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sun Jan 27 14:30:54 PST 2008


> >   Yes, I'm actually surprised that editting doesn't work (I was
> > assuming it does).  If we fix the editting work, and create a special
> > kind of text morph that shows halo for individual characters, and fix
> > the editor so that it can store the editted glyph into the TTCFont,
> > the demo can be revived.  (Or, of course we could ask Ned to fix it!)
> In Squeakland and Etoys, characters are not morphs :-(.

  No, that is why I wrote that we need to have a special kind of text

> Small morphs like 
> character glyphs pose interesting challenges in programming. Just storing 
> polylines, curves and textures is not enough. Without proportions and shape 
> hints, aesthetics will be difficult to preserve across transformations.
> Has anyone tried to the create the equivalent of Don Knuth's METAFONT in 
> Squeak?

 Not in Squeak, but in the idst system, we should do something like
that, and Ian and Dan Amelang have the first (and some iteration) of

-- Yoshiki

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