[Squeakland] etoys/olpc

kathleen harness k1harness at insightbb.com
Mon Jan 21 19:41:54 PST 2008

The projects on squeakcmi.org do not open on the olpc. Not =

the ones that have been there nor the sample one I put there that was done =
on my =

home computer using etoys/olpc and uploaded with the tag 'olpc'.  Is it a p=
roblem with the browser? =

I have been able to move olpc projects in and out with email and with a jum=
p drive but would like to make the resources on our site useful on the olpc=
 too. =

When I try to open the 'olpc' project from our website on my home computer =
I get this message: =

Reading an instance of MorphExtensionPlus:
Which modern class should it translate to?
Let me type the name now
Let me think about it
Let me find a conversion file on the disk

What is the answer?
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