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Marta Voelcker marta at
Wed Feb 27 18:02:45 PST 2008

Hello Randal and  squeakers,

This is good news! I am looking forward to meet you here in Porto Alegre and
to hear your presentation.

Any other squeaker coming to Porto Alegre, next April, to FISL 2008? 

Whoever else is coming, please get in touch, this will be a great
opportunity to share our work in the OLPC trial school(Luciana de Abreu
School) and let our local team learn with you, and of course to explore
possibilities for Squeakfest 2009!

All the best,

Marta Voelcker

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>>>>> "Kim" == Kim Rose <kim.rose at> writes:

Kim> Additionally, I am excited to share that initial plans are underway for
Kim> SqueakFest 2009 -- and in '09 plans are afoot to hold this event
Kim> the U.S. -- in Brazil (!).  Now, and even more so in 2009, Squeak Etoys
Kim> will be in use by hundreds of thousands of children and their teachers,
Kim> etc. around the world.  Brazil is currently a forerunner in pilot
Kim> programs and collaborations between K-12 schools and Universities, in
Kim> after school community centers, etc., etc.  We are exploring combining
Kim> SqueakFest with a very well known and popular "Ed Tech" Conference to
Kim> provide even more leverage, exposure and overlap of communities.

If you can make it either the week before, after, or coincident with FISL 09
(probably mid-april), you'd get an even larger audience.  FISL attracts 5000

I'm presenting Seaside-on-Squeak at FISL 08 as an invited speaker
in a few months.

And I'd love to be involved with SqueakFest in Brazil, even if it's not near
FISL.  Count me in!

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