[Squeakland] SqueakFest and other events

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Wed Feb 27 12:36:57 PST 2008

>>>>> "Kim" == Kim Rose <kim.rose at vpri.org> writes:

Kim> Additionally, I am excited to share that initial plans are underway for
Kim> SqueakFest 2009 -- and in '09 plans are afoot to hold this event outside
Kim> the U.S. -- in Brazil (!).  Now, and even more so in 2009, Squeak Etoys
Kim> will be in use by hundreds of thousands of children and their teachers,
Kim> etc. around the world.  Brazil is currently a forerunner in pilot
Kim> programs and collaborations between K-12 schools and Universities, in
Kim> after school community centers, etc., etc.  We are exploring combining
Kim> SqueakFest with a very well known and popular "Ed Tech" Conference to
Kim> provide even more leverage, exposure and overlap of communities.

If you can make it either the week before, after, or coincident with FISL 09
(probably mid-april), you'd get an even larger audience.  FISL attracts 5000

I'm presenting Seaside-on-Squeak at FISL 08 as an invited speaker
in a few months.

And I'd love to be involved with SqueakFest in Brazil, even if it's not near
FISL.  Count me in!

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