[Squeakland] Upcoming Squeakland release

Kim Rose kim.rose at vpri.org
Tue Feb 19 15:01:55 PST 2008

Dear Squeaklanders,

You've seen from Yoshiki's message that we are preparing an updated  
version of "Squeakland" Etoys.

We still need to fix a few things, add a "Read Me" to describe the  
major changes, and then create the installers for the Mac, Windows  
and Linux platforms.  Once this work is done, we will announce the  
release formally, and make it available on Squeakland.org.

The new Squeakland release will be based on the "XO" version of Etoys  
(for the "XO" computer, also known as the One Laptop Per Child  
computer, or, for short, "olpc"), which we have been actively working  
on for the past 18 months.  It will feature many enhancements, along  
with bug fixes and performance improvements, and etoy projects  
created on the XO will be freely loadable on non-XO machines, and  
vice-versa.  Also, projects made using the "classic" etoys system  
will be freely loadable into the new Squeakland system.

The *experimental* version of the new Squeakland system, which we  
announced this week is a preliminary version, intended only for brave- 
at-heart "early adopters."

Thanks for your interest and patience,

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