[Squeakland] Squeak in Singapore

Kim Rose kim.rose at vpri.org
Fri Feb 15 08:47:48 PST 2008

Hello, Harish -

I'd like to refer you to the group of three below -- Toh Hiew Kang  
(Dennis),  Katerine Bielaczyc and Yeo Tiong Meng.   As you'll see  
from their emails from late last year (below) they are working with  
students in Singapore in both elementary and secondary schools using  
Squeak Etoys.   I encourage you to introduce yourself and your program 
(s) if you do not already know them, and their work.  I imagine they  
can provide some valuable information and insight from their  
experiences.  I had the opportunity of meeting Katerine in Singapore  
in early 2007 -- she is at the National Institute of Education there  
in Singapore,  and I know she is doing excellent work. http:// 
lsl.nie.edu.sg/bio/drkate.htm.  Please mention I encouraged you to  
contact them.


> From: Toh Hiew Kang <toh_hiew_kang at moe.edu.sg>
> Date: November 7, 2007 9:55:29 PM PST
> To: Kim Rose <kim.rose at vpri.org>
> Cc: Katerine Bielaczyc <kateb369 at gmail.com>, yeo_tiong_meng at moe.edu.sg
> Subject: Re: Hi Kim
> Dear Kim,
> Thank you for sharing and we really look forward to learn from you  
> and Dr Alan Kay.
> We will be implementing Squeak with our students and they are  
> around 13 to 15 years old (Marsiling Secondary School). The good  
> thing is we are also engaging local squeak trainers in  
> collaboration with school teachers to implement Squeak in our school.
> Yes, we would be glad to share with you our teachers and students'  
> feedback and experiences.
> Best Regards,
> Dennis

This from an email from Katerine....
  I am teaching a course this semester called Theory, Design and  
Practice of Computer-Based Learning Environments.  As part of the  
course students work in teams to carry out a case study of a  
particular environment, which involves reading, working with the  
envrionment, and interviewing persons related to the environment.   
Two of my students are focusing on Squeak.  They are teachers and are  
really interested in learning more about teachers' experiences with  
Squeak.  They are excited by Squeak and are eager to learn more.


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