[Squeakland] An opportunity to promote Squeak in Singapore

Harish Pillay 9v1hp h.pillay at ieee.org
Thu Feb 14 23:28:17 PST 2008

Thanks, Luke, Tony and Eric for your responses.  It is certainly encouraging
to see the offers of suggestions and ideas.

The contest the ITSC is running, called code::XtremeApps:: 2008 has two
categories - an open and a junior.  The junior category is what I alluded to -
for 12 and under.  THe open category is for just about anyone to take part
and is pretty much what we did last year:

For the junior category, there exists some local expertise in Alice and a
decision has to be made as to whether Alice or Squeak is to be the chosen
platform.  If anyone of you have worked with both, can I ask for a considered
opinion on the merits of them?  I have found out that stuff created in Alice
cannot be "exported" and worked on by others.  That could put a constraint
on how the contest is run.  Squeak, on the other hand, can easily import and
export stuff giving the children their own space to work and then for the teams
to combine.  Please confirm that this is doable.

I need to report back to the organizing committee this coming Monday as to
which platform to use and I would love to have Squeak as the one.

I will look into all the links provided by the Luke and Tony to understand
better.  I am a coder myself, but I haven't had a chance to teach programming
to young children and am trying to get my head around to the merits of Alice
and Squeak for this task.

Appreciate your inputs and suggestions.

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