[Squeakland] An opportunity to promote Squeak in Singapore

Harish Pillay 9v1hp h.pillay at ieee.org
Wed Feb 13 20:30:52 PST 2008

Hi.  I have been trying to find an avenue to help promote programming using
Squeak in Singapore and I think I now have an opportunity to do so.

I am part of the Singapore IT Standards Committee (www.itsc.org.sg) which
is the national body that looks are IT standards for the country.  Last year,
we hosted the ISO SC 22 (programming languages) committee meeting in
Singapore as part of that we ran a 24-hour programming contest.  It was a
great success and we have decided to run it again this year.

For 2008, we have added a category solely targeted at the 12 and under
age group and I am very keen on introducing Squeak into the picture.  The
other proposal we have is Alice.

I am looking for advise/help in the following areas:
a) a master trainer to train-the-trainer on Squeak.  I have not spent enough
time with Squeak to be a master and would love to get some instructor-led
(perhaps over the web) learning if that is what it would take.
b) suggestions on what kinds of contest we can run?  This would include
topics and problems to solve within a reasonable (3-4 hour) session especially
after the participants have been given some training.

We are looking at running the contest during the June timeframe which is
the school holidays period in Singapore.

Looking forward to suggestions.

Harish Pillay h.pillay at ieee.org gpg id: 746809E3
fingerprint: F7F5 5CCD 25B9 FC25 303E 3DA2 0F80 27DB 7468 09E3

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