However ...Re: [Squeakland] Panel discussion: Can the American Mind be Opened?

David Corking lists at
Thu Nov 29 05:34:06 PST 2007

On Nov 26,  subbukk  wrote:

> So 93-25 would be sounded out as "five more to three tens, six
> tens more to nine tens and then three more, making a total of six tens and
> eight'. The technique works for any radix - 0x3c would be "three sixteens and
> twelve'.

I imagine this would work very well for systems with multiple bases,
like pounds-shillings-pence, days-hours-minutes-seconds.  Does it?

My mental model for arithmetic is a clock face, which is very clumsy
in base 10 (and worse in base 16!)

Thanks for sharing this subbuk

Best, David

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