[Squeakland] looking for some advice on teaching Squeak to advanced high school kids

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Tue Nov 27 06:00:55 PST 2007


I would show them how you can implement conditional halt statement in  
5 lines.
haltIf: is really fun to see.

But this is quite advanced or not :)


On 26 nov. 07, at 10:09, Oscar Nierstrasz wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I teach at University level, not high school, and have no previous  
> experience teaching high school kids.
> At the end of January we will have a day and a half with a bunch of  
> high school kids who are finalists in the Swiss Scientific  
> Olympiads ( http://www.olympiads.ch/ ) and have the opportunity to  
> get them excited about computer science. We will have various  
> sessions to show them different things.  (I will not be the only  
> one to offer something.  A colleague will be introducing the ones  
> who have no background in programming to Scratch.)
> I wanted to take the ones who have done some programming (i.e.,  
> those who have done the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics - http:// 
> www.soi.ch/ ) and introduce them to Squeak.  For the Olympiad they  
> have been working with languages like Pascal, C and C++.
> I would like the session to be mainly hands-on, and get the kids to  
> actually build something in teams of two with help from some monitors.
> Does anyone have any experience like this?  Can you recommend some  
> specific exercises that would be fun and would produce a real  
> result in a few hours?  My concrete goal is to show them how  
> different a dynamic language and environment like Squeak can be  
> from the languages they are used to.
> Any hints would be welcome.
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