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At 07:32 PM 11/23/2007, subbukk wrote:
>On Thursday 22 November 2007 11:26 pm, Alan Kay wrote:
> > Hi Folks --
> >
> > .... Yet, in
> > the US where classrooms do have books, and there
> > are free public libraries in most towns,
> > education is failing. Should we blame the book or
> > should we blame the classrooms and what's behind them?
>It is a quantity vs. quality issue. Books are indeed numerous and available,
>but well-written books are hard to find.

That's what libraries are all about, and why there are lots of books 
on all important topics. Different learners need different points of view.

>  I recollect my frustration
>in "understanding" electromagnetism during my school days till I stumbled on
>Maxwell's original article in a edited collection stashed in a dusty corner
>of a library. Here, at last, was a spirited presentation written without
>recourse to circumlocutions, jargons or acronyms.
>Technology can help in keeping such "books" in active circulation 
>and make the
>term "out of print" obsolete.

I agree -- and, it's worthwhile thinking of libraries as an example 
of such a technology as well.

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