[Squeakland] Need advice about teaching programming to children

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Fri Nov 23 02:42:59 PST 2007

nigen wrote:
> I am a Delphi programmer.  I have start to taught programming to 4 
> grade elementary student using Scratch for about 1 month. I  have  
> seen that  the programming concept can be understood  easily by the 
> student.
> I have learned "squeak learn programming with robot" . Currently, I am 
> learning smalltalk. I found that smalltalk is really powerful 
> programming environment. I hope I can eventually teach children real 
> programming. But I found that GUI programming like Delphi is much 
> simpler in the term of GUI.
> I believe elementary student can do programming like adult if we have 
> a good method to teach them programming skill. (Please advice me if I 
> am wrong).
> I need advise to how I should proceed my programming class. I have 
> some scenario
> Scratch --> Etoys--> BotsInc. --> smalltalk or
> Scratch --> BotsInc --> smalltalk  or
> Etoys --> BotsInc. --> Smalltalk   or
> Scratch --> Lazarus (Delphi like Open source). 
This is a little hard to answer because one does not exclude the other.
You can do very advanced projects in both Etoys and Scratch that are on 
'Computer Science' level.
Or you can go trough different languages and approaches but you will 
spend time relearning the same skill in different environments.
I can see benefits in both approaches.

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