[Squeakland] Need advice about teaching programming to children

nigen dekirunigen at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Nov 22 21:07:54 PST 2007

I am a Delphi programmer.  I have start to taught programming to 4 grade 
elementary student using Scratch for about 1 month. I  have  seen that  
the programming concept can be understood  easily by the student.

I have learned "squeak learn programming with robot" . Currently, I am 
learning smalltalk. I found that smalltalk is really powerful 
programming environment. I hope I can eventually teach children real 
programming. But I found that GUI programming like Delphi is much 
simpler in the term of GUI.
I believe elementary student can do programming like adult if we have a 
good method to teach them programming skill. (Please advice me if I am 
I need advise to how I should proceed my programming class. I have some 
Scratch --> Etoys--> BotsInc. --> smalltalk or
Scratch --> BotsInc --> smalltalk  or
Etoys --> BotsInc. --> Smalltalk   or
Scratch --> Lazarus (Delphi like Open source).



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