[Squeakland] Re: More Squeak in Kathmandu

Kim Rose kim.rose at vpri.org
Thu Nov 15 06:44:38 PST 2007

Greeting, Luke -

It's delightful to learn you are hoping to come to C5 -- we are  
testing registration now, and it should be open by next week.  We'll  
send an announcement to this and other lists as soon as it is up.

Hope to meet you there!

On Nov 15, 2007, at 5:01 AM, Luke Gorrie wrote:

> On 15/11/2007, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org> wrote:
>>> By the way! Squeakers may get a kick to see the job advertisment  
>>> that
>>> we're currently running in Kathmandu to bring our full-time Nepali
>>> Squeak-programmer staff up from two people to four (plus me):
>>   Wow. This would be almost ideal for a guy like Yokokawa-san, except
>> that he is Japanese^^;
> He's more than welcome to get in touch if he's seriously interested!
> Foreigner visitors who can teach us tricks would be really valuable
> and there's plenty of hacking to go around :-) I'm Australian myself.
>>   It's a long shot, but folks are organizing a Squeak/Etoys gathering
>> in Nagasaki, Japan on December 9th.
> This is worth mentioning! I don't think it's practical right now but I
> will check for bargain flights :-)
> The main plan I have for meeting Squeak hackers is to come to C5 in
> France mid-january (i.e. the distant future). Is this the right idea?
> (And do I understand correctly from the website that registration
> isn't open yet?)
> Cheers,
> -Luke
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