[Squeakland] More Squeak in Kathmandu

Luke Gorrie luke at member.fsf.org
Wed Nov 14 17:35:35 PST 2007

Hi Yoshiki,

On 15/11/2007, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org> wrote:
>   BTW, you know Madhur Shrestha and Hayasaka-san, right?  There are a
> lot of heavy Etoys users in Japan.  It would be fantastic if JICA or
> some organization can fund one of these hackers to fly...

Yes, thanks to Alan and Kim I do know Madhur and I've visited his
nifty Squeak saturday-school. I don't know Hayasaka-san but Madhur did
mention that a Japanese friend had put him on to Squeak in the first

Let me make a standing invitation that if any Squeak/Etoys guru finds
themself in south asia we'd be more than happy to entertain them in
the beautiful Kathmandu valley while they teach us a few programming
tricks - but they must be prepared for tough questions :-)

By the way! Squeakers may get a kick to see the job advertisment that
we're currently running in Kathmandu to bring our full-time Nepali
Squeak-programmer staff up from two people to four (plus me):

Job description:

Develop children's learning activities for the One Laptop Per Child XO
using Squeak Smalltalk and Etoys.


    * Experience with an object-oriented programming language such as
Smalltalk, Python, or Ruby.
    * Demonstrated ability to write good software quickly.
    * Self-motivated, eager to learn new technologies, experienced at
working in a team environment.


    * Experience with Linux and working on open-source projects.
    * Interest in education.

You will quickly learn Squeak Smalltalk programming and Etoys end-user
scripting on the job. You can get a sense of what this is like from
reading our blog and running our demonstration.

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