[Squeakland] Problem with scope of objects

Christian Bode jchrisb at web.de
Mon Nov 12 20:50:58 PST 2007


I am german cs student getting more and more amazed about squeak.
Tonight I began to play around a bit and wanted to do that amazing
"draw and steer your car" thing :)

I used this tutorial to get started:

Well, unfortunately i could not figure out this simple thing in 3 hours.
My problem is, after having added the car "Speedy" to the world, I cannot
reference to it from any other script. If I add a steerwheel to the 
world, and
want attach a script to it, squeak is not able to resolve that 
reference. It will
tell me that "Speedy" is undefined and ask me if I would like to declare
it global or create it.
I had this problem with all kinds of things; text fields, button etc. I 
not manage to get the "Hello World", from the tutorial running

Did I get something wrong ? So before I loose interest I rather ask. I am
puzzled because I did it exactly the way described in the tutorial.

Thank you a lot!
Frederick (That´s a nick, if you wonder :))

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