[Squeakland] Tesch Squeak (call for help)

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi glpunzi at zyoconsulting.com
Mon Jan 29 00:40:22 PST 2007

Hi all,

I would like to help to the community, and, because there are people like
me, with difficult learning Squeak/Smalltalk, I want to help them.

I have ZyoForma, an e-learning platform and I will give it to offer Free
Squeak Courses.

The platform is based on moodle, and all (teachers, developers), can use
it for his own courses to help learning Squeak or Object Oriented

The courses can have chats, forums, wikis, cuestionaries, and all the
necessary content to make an online course.

There are some conditions:
- The course must be free (as speech, and as a beer). Creative Commons
license or similar.
- The courses must be in English. Other languages are supported but only
under translating others. This will help to get all the possible courses
on a main language like English. If you want, for example, publish a
course about morphic, you need it on English and then, other language you
want to publish. You can translate courses from english to your language
if you want.

I think this, can help existing wikis and webs to be more easy to learn 
Squeak and related. IMHO something like this is necessary, because for
some people, is very difficult learn Squeak and his concepts browsing only
the image, Probably it's the best way, but more people disturbs spending
time without results. First, is necessary have a minimal concepts, then,
you will be preapared to browse the image and other things.

If you are familiarized with e-learning platforms, ZyoForma accept
SCORM[1] files.

Remember, all Squeak Content will be totally free.

If you want to publish a course contact to get information with:
  teachsqueak at zyoconsulting.com

Questions, critics and insults are welcome.

ZyoForma: http://www.zyoconsulting.com/formacion

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCORM

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi - Consultor

       :: ZYO Consulting ::
 email: glpunzi at zyoconsulting.com
 tlfno: +34 675 145 912
   web: http://www.zyoconsulting.com

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