[Squeakland] Collaborative hypermedia authoring and Squeak

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Tue Jan 16 18:13:41 PST 2007

Hi all,

It's the beginning of this semester and we, at university are starting 
some courses using Squeak. The first one will start this Friday and will 
have a month of duration. I was talking today with the people who will 
take the course and they expressed their interest specially in the 
creation of collaborative hypermedia  with Squeak.

The people who going to start the course is working with new 
technologies and education. They have some experience with learning 
management systems, like Black Board and social software like mediawiki. 
They have different background from engineering, graphical design, 
education and literature, and they want seriously to integrate Squeak in 
the virtual learning experience in the University. They have proposed 
three narrative "excuses" for the authoring: city maps (stories of 
places), travels (stories of journeys) or moving from home to home 
(stories of the things that we have in home).

I know that Squeak spirit is  also  "to provide computer support for the 
creative spirit in everyone" and  educative correlate make a lot of 
sense for the scenario that we have here. We can create hypermedia 
stories with bookmorph and some other morphs... but I'm thinking in the 
collaborative part of the experience, because I have never made 
collaborative authoring (or even programming in Squeak). Monticello is 
more for programmers; I have heard of Nebraska but never use it. I have 
browsing quickly the SqSqueak site and I see a category on the Object 
Catalog called "Collaborate", with things like Nebraska Server, Fridge, 
Badge and so on... even there is a server with boards that can be 
shared, but seems to need some kind of plugin to be used (I think that 
is the Squeak plugin for the browser)... will be really nice to know 
more exactly where to find more documentation on this category and 
collaboration in general in Squeak.

Any advice, intended activities, pointer to documentation or ideas about 
for this course will be greatly appreciated. I think that it's a good 
opportunity to spread the Squeak word. I'm all ear and eyes and will be 
waiting for your advices on how to proceed.



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