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malay kumar jana malayjana at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 07:51:05 PST 2007

hi Alan,
            It was great having heard from you. I have not started the project yet but I am going to start in a couple of days. I am planing to create a Helicopter/chopper as an E-toys by using Morph. Can I also create the E-toy using Alice (3D)? Could you please instruct me so as to how do I start my project(using Morphic).

  Thanking you,
Alan Kay <alan.kay at squeakland.org> wrote:
  Hi --

Etoys uses 2D graphics. Are you in 3D? If so, you aren't in Etoys. Can you tell me how you got to where you are?




At 12:37 PM 1/15/2007, malay kumar jana wrote:
  Hi all,
        I am doing a e-toys (like aeroplane) project by using a morph and  alice, but don't know where can I write the programming code and how to run. So could you please help me out from this problem.
thankin you,

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