[Squeakland] RE : RE : rubberbanded sibling problem

Dreyfuss Pierre-André (EDU) pierre-andre.dreyfuss at edu.ge.ch
Fri Aug 31 04:55:49 PDT 2007

I just tried rubberband and siblings  in the olpc image.

- There is no more sibling item in the halo menu therefore no way for creating sibling using rubberband.
- The green halo becomes green olive when shift clicked but creates a copy, not a sibling!

Shift clicking on the green halo of a morph create a sibling, it seems that it is the only way for creating siblings with the olpc image unless removing the etoy user friendly property.

a need: rubberband needs to be fixed.

a wish:  the useful item 'indicate all siblings'  should be added in the  viewer menu after the item 'reveal me' if the morph has siblings.


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Date: ven. 31/08/2007 11:30
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Objet : Re: RE : [Squeakland] rubberbanded sibling problem
Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I'm well aware of the 'hold down shift'  
on the copy handle to make a sibling.  I did that.  However, I see  
that I failed to mention in my post that I was referring to the OLPC  
version of etoys (2.1 #1565)


On Aug 31, 2007, at 5:20 AM, Dreyfuss Pierre-André (EDU) wrote:

> Hi,
> If you use shift click on the green hallo of the rubberband, you  
> get a copy,if you watch the green halo when you shift click, it  
> doesn't become olive.
> if you are using the red halo menu to create sibling, the creation  
> of sibling works fine.
> shift click on a the halo of an object works fine but not on a  
> rubberband.
> There is a difference between copy and sibling.
> Copy of objects  which are sibling using the rubberband will create  
> a new set of siblings which are siblings of each other but not of  
> there original object.
> regards
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> Objet : [Squeakland] rubberbanded sibling problem
> I painted objects A then B (different objects).  I then used the
> shift-click rubberband feature to select them both and then created a
> sibling of those selected objects.  Script A1 just did a 'turn by' on
> A.  Script A2 did a 'tell all siblings to do A1'.  The latter didn't
> work.  It did work on an explicitly created sibling of obj A.
> -Randy
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