[Squeakland] saving projects (OLPC)

John Kershaw john at kershaw.org
Fri Aug 31 00:20:19 PDT 2007

Why does the Mac version of Squeak save into ~/Library/Preferences/ 
Squeak/Internet/My Squeak?

I would have thought a more logical location would be:

~/Documents/My Squeak

Student (and staff) would never find the former on their own!


On 30 Aug 2007, at 13:56, Randy Heiland wrote:

> Using the OLPC etoys, when I save my project to 'Publish to  
> different server' (by holding down the Keep Project icon for an  
> extended time), does it save it to both my local hard disk AND some  
> Squeak server, or just my local disk?
> -Randy
> p.s. THANKS for all those math functions in the 'palette of useful  
> tiles'!
> nitpick:  it would be nice to really be able to create a variable  
> named 'x' (as opposed to having it renamed to 'x1')
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