[Squeakland] size of palette in OLPC version

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Mon Aug 27 18:03:12 PDT 2007

Hi Randy --

You can set a preference to paint full screen. This has always been 
there, it's just that we set limited paint area option for the OLPC release.




At 11:10 AM 8/27/2007, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Let me reply to my own post (and apologize if people that replied got
>a 'mailbox full' type message :).  I think, after playing with this a
>bit, that I "get it" and actually like it this way.  It forces a user
>to keep their sketches on the smaller-to-medium size, which is a good
>On Aug 26, 2007, at 3:25 PM, Randy Heiland wrote:
> > Is the "reduced" size of the painting palette in the OLPC etoys,
> > i.e. it takes up only a portion of the OLPC window, the expected
> > size?  Or does it have to do with my OS, or display resolution
> > (didn't seem to), or something else?  It seems unusually
> > constraining.  If you need a visual, I uploaded a window capture to:
> >
> > http://www.flickr.com/photos/heiland/sets/72157601674199558/
> >
> > thanks, Randy
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