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Hi, Bill -

We are planning to revamp the Squeakland.org website...it's a matter 
of resources....we agree it is difficult to find what one is seeking 
the way the site is currently organized.


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>However, for some people it can be quite intimidating to get a blank 
>screen when they click on "Make A New Project."
>I'm wondering why the first step is always to make a painting - and 
>then when you keep the painting you have an object and can then do 
>more powerful things at that point
>A naive user might think it is just a paint program. Also some 
>people don't like painting or are not good at it, eg. me. Also it's 
>hard to paint well with a mouse.
>Why not have prepackaged sprites which can be loaded immediately (as 
>well as the painting option)? Then the user is one step closer to 
>the more powerful stuff. It also sends a message that it is not just 
>a paint program - there has to be more to it than just loading a 
>LogoWriter, MicroWorlds and GameMaker all have prepackaged sprites
>I have given to the teachers in printed form
>    * powerful ideas in the classroom
>I think *all* of the book, Powerful ideas in the classroom, should 
>be available on the web. The car tutorial on squeakland is great but 
>it's not enough. There are some good pdfs on squeakland too but the 
>site is poorly organised and it took me ages to find them. I wrote a 
>blog about the frustrating but eventually successful search for etoy 
>resources here:
>It would be good to have a comprehensive help manual in one place. 
>Pop up help is good but sometimes more detail is needed. Such a 
>manual would probably be used more by teachers than by students but 
>that is still useful.
>Bill Kerr
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