[Squeakland] the non universals

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Sat Aug 25 22:08:21 PDT 2007

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007 19:17:03 -0700, Bill Kerr <billkerr at gmail.com> wrote:

>> refined and tested.  What does "length of exposure" mean?  One hour a  
>> day for two years?  One hour a week for two years?  Here's a brief  
>> thought
>> experiment to address this point: I'll bet everyone on this list  
>> remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing when they  
>> first learned of the 9/11 attacks.  That wasn't a very long exposure,  
>> yet everyone remembers it.  Why?

Again citing Glenn Doman and the IAHP, there are three factors in  
retention of data: Frequency, intensity and duration. Number of times of  
exposure, the intensity of that exposure and the length of that exposure.

9/11 was a very intense exposure and, you know what, it was a pretty long  
one, too. Little else occupied a lot of people's minds for a solid week.  
Then you have the frequency of subsequent exposure: 9/11, the moon  
landing, the Kennedy Assassination...I would imagine the firing on Fort  
Sumter...it's not like these things happen in their brief moment and are  
never mentioned again.

> Some controversy takes place around what the powerful materials are. eg.
> playing computer games such as World of Warcraft, is that powerful or
> trivial?

World of Warcraft is extremely powerful. It conveys things that are of  
highly limited value, but it does so in a very effective fashion. The  
intensity is probably as high as a virtual environment can get (I'm  
guessing, I've never played), and it encourages both frequency and  

The guys to ask about that, I guess, would be the America's Army guys.  
They've been giving away their free combat game as a recruitment tool--but  
it was initially a training tool as well.

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