[Squeakland] classic vs. OLPC version

Kim Rose kim.rose at vpri.org
Sat Aug 25 12:05:46 PDT 2007

Hi, Randy -

At SqueakFest we announced that the olpc version, made available here:
woud become the "official" version as it runs on all platforms in 
addition to the olpc "xo".   We wanted to give a few weeks, at, and 
post-SqueakFest,  for people to begin to use and send any reports of 
problems, etc.

Next week or just following Labor Day,  it will be that version (or 
slightly updated) that people will download from the Squeakland site.

thanks for checking,

At 11:40 AM -0400 8/25/07, Randy Heiland wrote:
>Which version of etoys is considered the "official" version - the "classic"
>version that I've downloaded & used for such a long time from Squeakland or
>the OLPC version that is available from the squeakfest '07 site?  I ask, in
>part, because I may be starting another series of workshops and would like
>to know which UI the kids should begin to get familiar with.

>Thanks, Randy
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