[Squeakland] Technical problems / nothing showing

Michael Rueger michael at squeakland.org
Thu Aug 23 04:53:49 PDT 2007

Louis Fleming wrote:

>         went to some of the games on the site and clicked -
>         after long delay - all that happened was it tried to reinstall
>         the squeak plug in.

Apologies for this taking so long but I think I finally figured out what 
went wrong (wrong version of the IE ActiveX plugin).

I've uploaded a modified Windows installer and would appreciate feedback 
if the above problems are solved.

Please note that automatic installation in IE *does not* seem to work!

So please download 
(http://www.squeakland.org/plugin/installers/win-std.html) and run the 
installer first before looking at the projects/games on the site.



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